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Released December 1, 2018.
The last work by Joanna Romer, published posthumously.
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Book Alert: 108 Yoga and Self-Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas

Sent to the printer this week: 108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas by yoga instructor and guru Julie Gentile. Already available for pre-order on Barnes & Noble.

As a mama with a life full beyond belief, do you find yourself too busy to take good care of yourself? Whatever your situation, you deserve spectacular health and wellness. As a mama, your life is full beyond belief, so full that it’s easy for you to forget about self-care. With all of your responsibilities, you’re pressed for time in a major way. But if you don’t take great care of yourself, who will? This guide is your ticket on how to learning to live well as a modern mama. With Millennial working mama, certified yoga teacher, and widely published author, Julie Gentile, as your personal wellness mentor, this book coaches you along your own authentic wellness path. Using 108 writing prompts and self-care practices, yoga poses, meditation, and breathing exercises, Julie shows you practical ways to become self-…

Excerpt from 57 Steps to Paradise: The Personals

The Personals
I not only answered dozens of ads in the newspaper personals section during the early to late 90’s I also probably had 20 or more first dates with men. Safe, boring, one-time-only dates. Dates with men I never wanted to see again. Meeting men in the personals became more of a hobby than a serious way to find Mr. Right. Years later when newspaper personals gave way to on-line dating, I have to say the on-line ads worked a lot better. Getting to know someone via e-mails is easier than only getting to talk to them on the phone before you actually met face to face on a real date. On-line photos and in-depth writing conversations back and forth help you weed out the frogs. One year during the 90’s, a friend of mine and I even offered a writing class at a big writers’ conference on how to write sizzling ads for the personals. I can’t remember how many people showed up or what exactly we taught them, but here’s our promo ad for the class.

Grandma's Ninja Warrior Diary: What's Next?

After 7 months in fitness training, working on core, biceps & triceps, and leg strength, I was just thinking to myself, "Wow, do I have a long way to go!"

Why? Because I have been watching the latest city finals and gauging how, without mistakes (which all too frequently do happen), I would do at this point. (Of course, I have four more years of training to go -- the list of training needs and the list of what I can do should take quite a different shape by then).

So, obstacle 1 in Philly: the archer stairs (that replaced the floating steps) -- probably not a problem (legs have been shaping up well, including jumping, skipping, running, and movement on a the Bosu ball). Casey Rothschihld, though, got caught traveling with the rope, and that dragged her back in the water. So, my experience at the ninja warrior training session with the rope tells me that I have the same problem. Therefore, not something to work on right now, but once I get to the point in my training pla…

Book of the Week: 57 Steps to Paradise

About the Book

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For other reviews of 57 Steps to Paradise, check out the MSI Press web page for this book

Looking for love in your 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and yes, even your 80's or 90's? 57 STEPS TO PARADISE will help you navigate dating in midlife and beyond. Lorenz unzips her soul and exposes her foibles during 50 years of men weaving their way in and out of her life, providing a heap of wit and wisdom to help you make life-changing decisions about love and, perhaps, a life partner.

"Patricia Lorenz has been one of my favorite writers since she began writing stories in 1995 for so many of the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' books. As a master storyteller, she draws the reader in and always leaves us with the bonus of a great take-away message. In '57 Steps to Paradise' she provides a blueprint for dating in middle age, thanks to her own interesting, hilarious, and fruitful experiences." (Jack Canfield, co-author of "The…