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Author in the News: Susan Lewis Is Interviewed about the Unabomber on Crime TV

Why did Ted Kazynski fo the hospital as a child and why was he different when he got out? That was the question that Crime TV asked three experts, including Dr. Susan Lewis, JD, author of From Deep Within . Read her response at Crime TV.

Book Review: 57 Steps to Happiness (Lorenz)

 "Guaranteed to advise as well as amuse..." says the US Review of Books. Click the yes to read the remainder of the review -- the book was RECOMMENDED.   👀   Read about the other HERE .

Book Review: Joshuanism (Tosto)

  From Goodreads -  Michael Vito Tosto wants to start a new movement. By writing this book he has made a start. The new movement is Joshuanism - based on the Hebrew transliteration of the name for Jesus. Joshuanism is intended to be an alternative to Christianity which he considers to have lost its way in fulfilling the teachings of Joshua (Jesus). The author's new movement is intended to appeal to those who are disaffected by Christianity or who perhaps have previously had nothing to do with Christianity, but are attracted by the teachings of Joshua. The reason for using Jesus’ Hebrew name is to avoid all the various negative connotations that are associated with the name “Jesus”. Joshuanism is structured around some carefully articulated elements: The Ten Tenets of Joshuanism; The Eight Immovables of Joshuanism; and The Joshuanism Creed. There's nothing new in this “new” version of Christianity (for that is essentially what it is). There is nothing offered that has not been s

A Family Game for Easter (guest post by J. Bennett Easterling)

Are you interested in moving beyond the traditional egg hunt and chocolate bunnies, finding ways to engage the children of your family in the Easter story? We’ve discovered a delightful game that both adults and kids enjoy. It’s as simple as finding some colored plastic Easter eggs—the kind that open up--and stuffing them with questions or clues surrounding the trial, crucifixion, and resurrection story. Find an Easter basket, fill it with fake grass and place the eggs inside the basket.   When everyone is seated for dinner, someone passes the basket around the table. Each person takes an egg, then take turns opening their egg and reading the scripture verse or showing the clue and telling what it has to do with Easter.\ You can be quite imaginative in stuffing the eggs, using small nails, bits of fabric, thorns, spices and other items as well as scripture verses. If the one opening the egg cannot explain how it relates to Easter, the other children are invited to answ

Excerpt from How My Cat Made Me a Better Man: Why Cats Make Better Mentors than Dogs

Why Cats Make Better Mentors Than Dogs  1) Pet’s goal in life: Dog: Please his master. Cat: Please herself. Point: Cat 2) How pet gets what it wants: Dog: Begging for it. Cat: Taking it. Point: Cat 3)  How pet endears itself to humans: Dog: Demeaning tricks. Cat: Being herself. Point: Cat 4) Pet’s favorite activity: Dog: Long, repetitive walks. Cat: Sleeping. Point: Cat 5) Likelihood pet will eat its own vomit: Dog: Extremely high. Cat: Pretty unlikely. Point: Cat Excerpt from How My Cat Made Me a Better Man (Code FF25 for 25% discount at MSI Press webstore) Also available on Kindle Jeremy Feig is originally from a small town in slightly upstate New York. After graduating from New Paltz College, he moved to Los Angeles for TV and film production work before stumbling into a career in digital marketing. Jeremy spends much of his time working on creative projects, usually involving comedy. He’s written numerous screenplays and TV scripts, created ori

Excerpt from Easter at the Mission (Sula): Palm Sunday

What is Palm Sunday? Palm Sunday is the Sixth Sunday of Lent and the Sunday before Easter. It is a moveable feast because the date changes every year, just like the moveable feast of Easter. Palm Sunday starts Holy Week, the last week of Lent. On Palm Sunday, the priest is allowed to wear a color other than purple—but can wear purple if he wishes to. Palm Sunday is a joyous interlude in the somber season of Lent. I can almost always feel the joy of the parishioners, the priest, and those who serve for the Mass—the cantors, lectors, and altar servers. I get much petting on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus’s triumphant ride on a donkey into Jerusalem. Jesus sent his disciplines into town to bring to him a donkey and a colt, and to tell the owner of the animals that the Lord needed them. A large crowd followed Jesus into Jerusalem, and they laid palm branches in front of him along the way. Some even laid their cloaks in front of him, making a special path for him to follo