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Muscles Have Memory

As I get into physical training, I continue to learn surprising, new things, This week I learned that muscles have memory. Muscles I developed in the Army are just hanging around to be re-awakened. That is pretty cool.

Understanding How Muscle Builds: Grandma's Simple Way of Understanding Gym Training

So, I learned something new this week. Iterations matter as much as weight. In fact, I can try to lift heavier weights, or I can get the same benefit by lifting a lesser weight more times. As my starting point, then, I will use: 15 iteratinos 5 pounds That sounds like not very much to all you readers who are have stayed in shape -- unlike me, an almost-septaguarian wth five decades behind me of NO physical activity. Hey, at least I am doing it now. Better late than never, right? Who else out there in their 60s and 70s is striving to get back into shape -- or enter competitions? Would love to hear from you!!

The Best of the Clan of Mahlou Blog: And Then Along Came Doah, Child Number Four

  The following is a post from the blog, Clan of Mahlou, that MSI Press author, Elizabeth Mahlou, maintained while writing her book,  A Believer-in-Waiting's First Encounters with God .  And Then Along Came Doah, Child Number 4 Doah was a surprise (well, so were the other three) who quite fortuitously was predicted to be born in Pittsburgh, PA around Christmas Day 1977 -- semester break from my studies at near-by Renboro University. However, it was my grandson, Nathaniel, who ended up being born on Christmas day. Doah was born quite early, messing up both my teaching schedule and studies (and creating quite a lot of subsequent havoc due to all his medical issues -- 30 years later, he is still creating havoc, mostly due to his overly inquisitive and highly extroverted nature, coupled with some serious mental challenges). I don't remember all my labors, but I do remember Doah's. I went into labor while teaching a foreign language class! I managed to make it through the class

Grandma's Ninja Warrior Diary: The Decision

My first day of freedom was January 1, 2018. I had retired from the Defense Language Institute, where, as provost, I served as the senior civilian leader for 2000 foreign language teachers. That was the last of many career positions associated with overseeing foreign language programs: Foreign Service Institute, NASA, American Global Studies Institute, American Councils for International Education, Federal Language Training short, if a niece of nephew or Uncle Sam had studied a foreign language, chances are I had had something to do with that program of study at some point in time. Leaving a high stress job, where I had gained a few more pounds than typically come with the aging process and had let my muscles, once finely shaped by another form of Uncle Sam's influence on me -- the US Army, where I served as enlisted and officer for almost eight years (counting a few years of reserve duty), atrophy. I just did not have time for much physical activity in a job th