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Book Review: Road Map to Power (Husain & Husain)

Excerpt from review by US Review of Books: While the title may lead one to think this is a self-help book, this writing goes beyond that type of genre with its intellectual focus on gaining healthy power. In the writings about the ten rules of power, the first chapter examines how most of us are average (based on the Bell Curve), then takes us through a relationship with a co-worker who inspires him to change, and focuses on the Pareto Distribution of wealth. This chapter is a thoughtful introduction to the rest of the book. Other chapters include a history of power, the legend of equality, and the Great Society. Also discussed is our self focus, what we learn from the media about ourselves, and the lessons he's learned from working as a child psychiatrist with children in war-torn countries and areas of poverty. Final chapters explore writing your own narrative, religion, spirituality, and the road map to power by becoming a humanitarian. Recommended by USR For the rest o

Who is Dr. Syed Husain, MSI Press author?

That question is answered decisively by his being selected as Doctor of the Year by the National Council of Behavioral Health. Listen to others introduce him and to his acceptance speech in the Youtube video HERE . Read other posts about Syed and his book, Road Map to Power , HERE .

For All Women on Mother's Day: A Book on Self-Nourishing and Self

Joanna's books are beloved by her fans. This book is no different. Read more about the book HERE . Read more posts about Joanna and her books, excluding excerpts HERE .