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Excerpt from Divorced! (Romer): Don't Let a Man Make You Unhappy (Interview with Elaine Langley)

                            ELAINE LANGLEY                                     “Don’t   let a man make you unhappy.”                                Elaine Langley is a slender, graceful woman with long flowing brown hair and a model’s face. She admits to doing some modeling before her first marriage (she’s had two), which ended in divorce in the late 1970s. "The No-Fault divorce changed things,” Elaine told me, in discussing her first divorce. “You didn’t have to claim someone was having an affair and ruin their reputation.”      Elaine said the whole process was easy, because it was her choice. “I paid $150 to get the divorce. Ben didn’t fight me. I wasn’t upset.” She explained that her husband Ben had broken her trust in him after only two years of marriage. “We had moved out to Wyoming so he could go to law school. Just a few weeks after we got there he said, ‘I don’t want to be one of these idiots. Let’s go back home.’” Elaine was shocked, but s

Book Review by The Book Shipper: The Optimistic Food Addict (Fisanick)

From the review on the Book Shipper Blog: I always admire someone who shares their story and invites us in to read about it.  It is a tough and brave thing o do. I have read many, many, recovery books on eating disorders and this book touched me.  Read the full review HERE . Read posts by and about Dr. Fisanick and her book HERE .