Excerpt from The Seven Wisdoms of Life: a journey into the chakras (Tubali): Male and Female Energy of Third Chakra

Male and Female Energy [of the Third Chakra]

The male energy of the third chakra can be symbolized by the sword: a powerful force that can break through any kind of obstacle and move persistently towards a goal. It never wavers, for it has a tremendous aspiration and the energy to follow it. We need this male energy when we have a vision that we wish to manifest in the world of time and space.

The female energy of the third chakra can be symbolized by the shield. Just as we need a sword, we need a shield: the sword is needed for offense, while the shield is needed for defense. So, the female energy equips us with a protective shield, which can actually push away any kind of pressure and over stimulation. It can equip us with stillness when someone offends us, and it can equip us with persistence when we are being pressured to let go of our authenticity.

The Seven Wisdoms of Life was selected as a finalist for Book of the Year Award in 2013 and the Best Books USA Award in 2015.

Available online, retail, Kindle, and, at discount with code FF25, from MSI Press webstore.

Shai Tubali is also the author of A Guide to Bliss.


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