Grandma's Ninja Warrior Diary: When Progress Is Felt

4-minute cardio from Strong Fitness Magazine

For the past several months, slogging best describes my physical training efforts. Yes, my trainer kept pointing out ways in which I had made progress, and I kept at my "homework" that she gave me.

Still, it did not FEEL like I had made progress. FEELING engages motivation. Motivation can keep you going, but will power fuels it during the blah-nothing times. Sometimes, you just need to FEEL  progress.

And that happened this week!

In two ways!!

  • I was able to do 100 iterations of abs and laterals exercises, nonstop, with raised legs and 8-pound kettle ball. Not all that long ago 25 iterations were almost impossible; then 50 iterations were onerous. Now, 100, with the energy to do another 100 right away. Yes, FELT progress.
  • Thne, Strong Fitness Magazine (great online magazine for women who want to be fit) published an article about a 4-minute cardio exercise that builds cardio quickly. Right--if you can do the four minutes. It consists of the eight exercises--each for 20 seconds--that are in the picture above. (That picture is a laminated card on my bedroom door, and every time I walk of the bedroom, I stop and do as much of the four minutes as I can. For a couple of months, I struggled to make it through the first 60 seconds; then finally for a month or more, I could do half of the exervises before I tuckered out. And this! A breakthrough! I finished all 8 -- yes, with some huffing and puffing, but not fully tuckered out. FELT progress!

FELT progress has reinvigorated my motivation. I am now rather easily exceeding earlier goals. Sure, some of it is mindset, but some of it is PAYOFF for hard work--and the latter is what feels really good.


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