Grandma's Ninja Warrior Diary: Dressing for Success -- in the Gym

We have all heard about dressing for success. Generally, that refers to the concept that if you want a promotion (or to be hired), your clothing needs to make you look the part, whether that be a suit or some kind of specialized attire -- or in the case years ago when I wanted to get my daughter accepted into Moscow schools when I was living and conducting research there and needed a "napravlenie" [written permission form from the school district] a school univform with fartuk [frock] and properly tied hair ribbons). If you plook the part, you generally have a better chance of getting the part.

I have found that to be the case as well with fitness training. If I put on my walking shoes, I want to walk. If I put on my sneakers, I want to run. If I put on slippes, I want to lounge. It is not necessarily what "I" want to do, but what my body expects to do. It has become habituated to associate attire wtih intention. If I don shorts and tank top, I am suddenly revved for jumping, pulling, pushing, sitting, standing, pressing, and more. If I don a suirt, my meeting attitude sets it, and if I don a dress, then my mind turns to play, shopping, fun stuff. As for pajamas, yeah, sure, I can go into our home gym and lift weights in my pajamas, but that is not where my mind goes. My attire affects my attitude, and pajama'd, my attitude fixates on lounging and sleeping.

So, unless I have that business meeting in the morning, some fun time with friends in the afternoon, or feeling sick enough to sleep, I put on my tank top, gym shorts, and sneakers -- and start the day revved for physical activity, fitness, and endorpohins, which always come!


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