Book Review: Introductory Lectures on Religious Philosophy (Sabzevary)

Recommended by US Review of Books. Read review online.

"Because at our very core, we are lonely, isolated human beings who have to figure out what it is that makes us come to life."

Conversational in style, the lectures are easy to read and comprehend. Tackling the difficult task of taking several Eastern religions and packaging them in a manner understandable to a Western audience, Sabzevary uses a light-hearted style, which, rather naturally, defuses the ethereal quality of religious dialogue and insight. On occasion, Sabzevary’s examples take on odd, slightly off-putting sexual themes, and his illustrative stories can change subjects and go in directions the original discussion wasn’t headed. However, most examples successfully illustrate the concept he is discussing in a manner beneficial to the listener, and thus, in turn, to the reader. Someone who picks up the book with the idea that the answers to life’s big questions will be found within will likely come away disappointed. However, the astute reader will realize that the actual pursuit goes beyond the search for “the answer.” Rather, it is the acceptance of the mystery and the search that matter, and the ability to ask the right questions at the right time of the right person.


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