Book Alert: Soccer Is Fun without Parents

Released today!

Approximately 75 percent of children who play organized sports quit by age 13. While there is no definitive answer about why, many researchers suggest that it is because of pressure from parents. One referee always likes to say that he equates kid's soccer to a musical recital. Parents don't yell instructions to their seven-year old when they are singing or playing the piano. They are not jumping up from their seats when the proper chord is struck, yelling, "Great job, Jimmy!" or "Big kick on the next chord!" Yet, they feel it is OK to do so on the soccer field. Why?

This book will make every soccer parent and coach say, "I know
that person." Unfortunately, sometimes they'll be talking about
themselves. It's an entertaining and informative read as Peter not
only tells the stories of insane, yet normal, soccer parents but
delves into why and how our behavior needs to change.
Rob Harrington
Professional Soccer Coach Blogger

About the author, Dr. Peter Jonas
Learning, Laughing, and Leadership most accurately describe Dr. Peter M. Jonas. Peter is a tenured, full professor of research and statistics in the doctoral leadership department at Cardinal Stritch University, and is well-known for my wise-cracking comments and lectures on humor. In addition, he is an author, consultant, and national speaker on brain-based research, teaching excellence and humor.

Over the years Peter has written five books in support of his research (but only the books on humor are any good): Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education Linked with Strategic Planning and Budgeting [2nd ed.] (2013), Laughing and Learning: An Alternative to Shut-up and Listen (2009), Secrets of Connecting Leadership and Learning to Humor (2004), Transforming Learning: Don’t Let Education Interfere with Your Laughter (2019); and Soccer is Fun Without Parents (2019). He has authored more than 40 books, manuals, and articles in professional periodicals. Ultimately, Peter attempts to integrate teaching, scholarship, service, and humor into his leadership philosophy. In addition, Peter is an educational consultant and professional speaker who has presents at local, state, national, and international conferences and a variety of organizations.


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