Book Review: Travels with Elly (MacDonald)

Travels with Elly by Larry MacDonald received a 5-star review by Gisela Dixon at Readers' Favorites.

She concludes:

I enjoyed reading Travels with Elly and thought it was a witty, thoughtful, and at times humorous travel memoir. Larry has written in detail about the people and places they encountered on their road trip. The book also provides a glimpse into what life could be like living in a trailer, camping and traveling the road in this way. The engaging and fun writing style also incorporates the antics of Elly and pet lovers will surely enjoy it. The photographs complement the narrative and provide a visual representation of the events and places. Overall, this is a good travel memoir of travels across Canada in an RV and travel buffs will definitely enjoy it.

Read the full review here: Readers Favorite Review.

Larry is also author of RV Oopsies.

Travels with Elly can be purchased for 25% discount at the MSI webstore. Use coupon code FF25.


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