Introducing Nanette Hucknall, MSI Press Author

Nanette is a psychotherapist, career therapist, writer, and artist. She is available for lectures and workshops and has designed and facilitated workshops on “Karma, Destiny and Your Career,”and “Living From Your Heart,” which she has presented in the United States and in Canada. Nanette has a BA from Cooper Union and is trained in Psychosynthesis. She is a co-founder of The Center for Peace Through Culture, and is the founder and President of Higher Self Yoga. She has published several books on yoga, karma, and better self-understanding.

She co-authored the popular MSI book,The Rose and the Sword: How to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies, with the late Dr. Judith Bach. 


Her latest MSI Press release is How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, and Discover Inner Wisdom


This book has won many awards, including 

  • Book of the Year finalist
  • American Book Fest Best Book Award
  • Book Excellence Award
  • Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

This book has scored outstanding book reviews from 

  • US Review of Books
  • Readers' Favorites
  • New Age Journal
  • Foreword Clarion
  • Midwest Book Review Readers' Choice
  • Midwest Book Review California Watch
  • Goodreads
  • Donovan's Literary Services
     and, of course, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

To read more posts about Nanette and her works, click HERE.


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