Book Review of Harnessing the Power of Grief: Easy Read, Well Written, and Helpful


Harnessing the Power of Grief is an enlightening book to help anyone process grief from numerous kinds of losses. It acknowledges that we all have a need for different ways to grieve, there’s no one way for everyone, and that many factors come into play. It is practical and spiritual, but not religious.  With that said, this book could be helpful to people of all faiths or none.

This book is an “easy read” because it is so well written, and the chapters are short. I enjoyed Chapter 16,  which was helpful to me at a particular time in my life. I am looking forward to picking this book up again,  when other situations may arise that need my attention.

         -Jackie Durham, Lay Chaplain

For more information and commentary about Harnessing the Power of Grief and its author, click HERE.


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