Introducing Dr. Elizabeth Mahlou, MSI Press Author


Dr. Elizabeth Mahlou is our most reclusive author. she wishes to remain anonymous because she speaks candidly about her childhood abuse while avoiding naming names in order to shield the innocent from more emotional harm. However, using her pseudonym, she is willing to communicate with readers who enjoy her books, A Believer-in-Waiting’s First Encounters with God and Blest Atheist. She is now hard at work on a follow-up book, Raising God’s Rainbow Makers

Dr. Mahlou maintained two blogs for several years. 100th Lamb and Clan of Mahlou are still available, cached, on line.

Dr. Mahlou knows our author, Sula, Parish Cat at Old Mission, and she wrote a story about her, “Cat with a Divine Mission,” that appeared in Guideposts Magazine in December 2015. 

Dr. Mahlou has often used a tiger, a kindred spirit, as an avatar.

You can read more posts about Dr. Mahlou and her books and blogs HERE.


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