Valentine's Day Special Excerpt from How to Live from Your Heart (Hucknall): Motivational Energy

5. Motivational energy is something that is unique in the human condition. What is it, you may ask? One example: When you need to accomplish a task you really don’t want to do, you need to reach up and bring into your being a feeling, such as determination, which is a quality of the will, to help you do the task without procrastination. Even if the task is one that you really want to do, sometimes that energy has to be kindled in order to accomplish it. Reviewing why the task is important to do, and re-choosing it, can be helpful. The energy comes directly from your will. Will energy, used correctly, motivates a person to carry through with a project and finish it. It also helps someone to look at all the possibilities that a project may have, in order to begin and finish it. 

It is an energy that needs to be learned through good, practical skills. Sometimes a person knows how to complete a project, but simply gets stuck and can’t move forward. That’s when she needs to focus on the will and strengthen it in order to overcome whatever is blocking the project.  It is important to determine how strong of a will you have and whether or not your will can accomplish a task at hand. 

Exercise: Look back at some of the projects you have accomplished and determine if you did them using motivational energy, employing the will within.  Also, look at the projects you have not completed, and determine what was lacking. How was your will in this project? Did you try to use motivational energy at all? Can you go back now and complete something by using this energy? In the future when you take on a project, I would suggest linking with your heart and your will and asking to use the motivational energy within you. 

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