Quote for Reflection from 10 Quick Homework Tips (Alder & Trombly): A Workspace for Kids Makes Homework Easier and Better


"Your child is much more likely to finish homework and produce quality work if s/he has a special place in which to do it, equipped with all the tools s/he needs."

10 Quick Homework Tips by Alder & Trombly)

Is there a lot of whining at your house about homework? Do you find that it sometimes also comes from your kids? If you are tired of the back-and-forth of homework battles, then this book is your solution. 10 Quick Homework Tips provides a quick reference for parents who are looking for ways to help their kids with their homework. Written by two teachers with over 40 years combined experience, this book will show you 

- the easiest way to set up an efficient workspace so kids can do their best, quality work; 

- how to reduce your child's stress (and yours!) by being proactive; -
 why creating a simple "Homework Agreement" between you and your child will take pressure off of the whole family; 

- how to make large projects more manageable; - where to fi nd help when you need it; and - much more!

Contains helpful advice for parents working online with their children as part of sheltering in place during the pandemic.

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