Where are they? MSI Press Authors: Jeremy Feig (How My Cat Made Me a Better Man)


MSI Press authors are located all over the world. Getting to know the authors can also mean getting to know a new part of the world. We will be sharing this information on a regular basis. Follow us and map our authors' locations.

Jeremy Feig, author of the award-winning, terrifically amusing, fun and easy to read, and insightful book, How My Cat Made Me a Better Man, moved recently from Santa Monica, California to Cascais, Portugal. 

Here is some information about Cascais. 

Cascais began as a traditional fishing port. But in the 19th century, Portugal’s King Luís I added a touch of glamour by taking up residence in the town each September.

Today, Cascais feels more like an elegant version of St Tropez, with 19th-century villas covered in azulejos, and bougainvillea draping over the garden walls. There is an emphasis on outdoor living for most of the year, especially cycling, running or golf, while the short winter months are rather windy and humid.

For more beautiful information and helpful information about Cascais, check out this article by Manfred Schraepler de Devise.

Get to know Jeremy HERE.

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