Book Alert: Typhoon Honey Available on Pre-order As of Today


Typhoon Honey: The Only Way Out Is Through is now available for pre-order. Release date is November 15, 2021.

Complimentary copies are available for a guaranteed review. Inquire from

Short description of the book:

Starting with a foundation of understanding how we, as physical and psychological beings actually function, Typhoon Honey lays out a path toward becoming the sole and undisputed author of one’s life – called “being the source.” The authors explain, with ample case examples and exercises, how to

·        release limiting self-concepts;

·        understand what reality is and isn’t; and

·        become totally and powerfully accountable in determining your future.

A tour de force in transformational technologies, pulling back the curtain on how those techniques actually work, Typhoon Honey is a must read for anyone who desires to step up to a new level of life and living.

And endorsements:

Typhoon Honey blows your mind with gale force winds. Kris and Candace succeed in connecting the essence of life into a parable of drip feed stories with the science to back it all up. This is a must read for anyone wanting to level up in their life.

Andy Chaleff
Mentor, Speaker, Author of The Last Letter and The Wounded Healer


Bring your pencil and paper – prepare for an active commitment to yourself. It is SO worth it!”

Amy Bladen-Shatto, PhD, I/O Psychologist
Director of Global Leadership, WL Gore & Associates

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