A Question for Caturday: Can you, will you, help the cats (and dogs) left homeless in Ukraine?


War and natural disasters create atrocious living circumstances not only for the people caught in the vortex but also for their pets, who are not used to foraging for themselves, have not built up the skills for survival, and are met with austere conditions too frequently too overwhelming to support their efforts to stay alive. Ukrainians are devoted to their pets; having to leave them behind may look like desertion but in a blitzkrieg style war can be the only option to helping ensure a fleeing family itself survives -- and is likely gut-wrenching. Many families are scooping up their pets. Some cannot, and their pets are now on the streets.

Network for Animals is stepping in and doing the best it can to take care of animals left behind. It needs help. Help = money. Any amount; US dollars stretch farther there than here. Network for Animals is registered in a number of countries, including Brazil, the USA, and UK, as a reputable charity, and contributions are considered tax deductible by the US IRS. 

And, if you just cannot help financially -- that is quite understandable at the present moment especially -- please consider helping by retweeting. 

(note:  Ernesto's Sanctuary for Syrian Cats in Aleppo also helps cats abandoned by war.)

Both Network for Animals and Ernesto's Sanctuary have a presence on Twitter.


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