Guest Post from Franki Bagdade (I Love My Kids, But I Don't Always Like Them): The Day I Learned I Was Really Important, Just Not in the Way I Thought


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The Day I Learned I Was Really Important, Just Not in the Way I Thought

The past week or so has been tough! Blog subject, or maybe book subject tough. On Tuesday I picked up a full mug of coffee and felt a familiar dull ache. This ache sent a panicked message to my brain. Oh crap! I’m getting a flare.

My "tell" that a fibro flare is coming is this dull achy hand and wrist pain. So uncomfortable that I can’t wrap my fingers around a glass or even hold my phone without making it worse. I quickly calmed myself with the reminder that I hadn’t had a flare up that lasted more than a few days in over three years. Whatever I was doing, meds, supplements, diet, exercise-ish (being honest here), was keeping my symptoms at bay! For the rest of the day I took it easy on my joints and tried my best to stay calm.

Later that my evening my shoulders and neck started to ache but again I reminded myself that it should all be over soon. I thought about how lucky I was to be taking vacation days right now over my kids’ winter break, and enjoyed some Netflix and a book, being careful to take breaks from holding my Hindle when it triggered pain in my hand.

The next morning I woke up feeling a bit worse, but figured “Hey it’s the grand finale! I’ll be better by tomorrow.” When I woke up on day three with more symptoms, now feeling exactly like I had the flu, I got a bit concerned. Because we are currently living in a pandemic and Omicron symptoms are constantly swirling in my head I pulled out my sacred stash of at-home Covid tests. Thankfully it was negative.
Living with a chronic illness, especially one with vague symptoms and a reality that waking up feeling 85% healthy was a "good day" did not help my pandemic anxiety nor my susceptibility to illness anxiety. If you google Fibromyalgia symptoms, and I strongly suggest you don't, you will find hundreds of them. This is not, however, a blog post about living through a pandemic with an anxiety disorder and a predisposition for hypochondria, though I'm now realizing that one of those will be coming soon.  

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