Obituary for a Parish Cat: In Memoriam, Sula



On August 24, 2022, Sula, the beloved parish cat at Old Mission San Juan Bautista, passed away quietly in her carrier as she prepared to spend her last working day at the Mission. For about 15 years, based on the estimates of parishioners who have known her since she appeared at the Mission as a kitten, she has spent her time at Masses, exploring the gardens, and in the Gift Shop where she lived until recently, moving in with parishioners, her godparents, when covid struck and spending Sundays on duty at the Mission. She brought excitement to scores of visiting children, peace to parishioners during Mass, and healing to the hurting. As a survivor of multiple forms of cancer, including skin cancer that took her ears years ago, she served as a role model to cancer patients. Visitors came not only to visit the Mission but also to meet Sula. On her Face Book page, she had over 1000 followers, including fans from more than a dozen states and many countries.

Sula, a “divine cat” and “a cat with a mission,” was featured in Guideposts Magazine, All Creatures Magazine, local newspapers, and, most recently, the San Francisco Post. In addition, she published six books on spiritual topics. A seventh, Sula and the Franciscan Sisters, was released last week and will be available soon.

Sula will be cremated. A memorial is being planned. Details will become available at or through the Mission bulletin and Gift Shop.

After fighting cancer for most of her life, Sula has earned a pain-free and joy-filled existence on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. August 24 was a sad day for Old Mission San Juan Bautista but a happy one in Heaven. One of God’s best has arrived home.

- as published in Mission Village Voice

Sula will not be at the Mission today. (Sorry for the somewhat late notice; I have tried twice to post this to FB.)
Sula passed away quietly in her carrier in the car this morning as she prepared to spend her last working day at the Mission to say goodbye to those planning to come by today. Her little body is now in Monterey with her godparents, Joe and Jackie Smith, and her vet-oncologist-ardent supporter, Dr. Arteaga. She will be cremated; complete details are not yet known.
Sula died with her boots on, as they say, still working as God’s ambassador and furry comforter to the parishioners of Old Mission San Juan Bautista. After fighting multiple types of cancer for most of her 15 years, she has earned a pain-free and joy-filled existence on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
The Old Mission SJB Rosary Group dedicated last night’s rosary to Sula, not knowing what the night and morning would bring. I know others have been praying for her all along. There will be some form(s) of memorialization for this very special member of the parish that so many people have loved for so many years. Details are still being worked out, Please follow this page for updates.
Such a sad day in SJB, but certainly a happy one in Heaven! One of God’s best has arrived home.

- as announced on Sula's Face Book page

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