Author in the News: Julie Potter, Author of Harnessing the Power of Grief, to Present Online about Chronic Grief


Chronic Grief
How We can Help Ourselves and Others

Sponsored by Widowed Person Outreach – Helping and Healing, Washington, DC

With Julie Potter, LCSW, Thursday, March 23rd - 7:00pm on zoom

Julie Potter will discuss the clinical manifestations of chronic grief, the danger signs to watch for, and ways you can help yourself and others. In addition, there are other grieving processes that we may see as chronic but are still part of the journey: returning grief, traumatic grief, ambiguous grief, grief as we age, and global grief. In whatever form it takes for you (and it may sometimes be chronic grief), grief is natural to all of us, it helps us to incorporate our losses into our lives, it helps us to move forward into the future in a changed and sometimes completely new way, it helps us to remember, it is as powerful as love. It is love.

Julie Potter is a certified social worker with experience in health care including home care, hospice, nursing home and hospital settings. She is the author of Harnessing the Power of Grief(MSI Press 2020). To register for this event, please send an email to and provide your name, the name of the event and your contact telephone number. 

For posts about Julie Potter and her book, click HERE.

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