A Caturday Surprise


Last Caturday, I made the comment on a post by Animal Friends Shelter in Gaza, Palestine, on X/Twitter that one of their cats looked like my late Murjan, shown above, hugging me (he was a hugger and a communicator). In response, the staff sent me a note and a video (such a nice surprise):

Animal Friends Shelter on X: "@msi_press I qm so sorry for Murjan, he is in a better place now and will never forget your love. Today we made this video special for you and for Murjan hoping you like it 😻 https://t.co/4oZTNkI0ig" / X (twitter.com)

They did this out of kindness and did not ask for a donation; later, I learned that they do not have enough food for all their cats and have to spread it out. If anyone feels like donating, here is where you can do it:

PayPal Acc : Donate.AFScats@gmail.com or paypal.me/DonateAFS?coun

And if you can, do not forget other shelters that are also hurting for funds to support their animals.

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