Grandma's Ninja Warrior Diary: About that Rotator Cuff

So, it is not a pretty picture, and also, it was bound to happen, I guess. A rotator cuff injury -- from weed-wahcking, not from fitness training. My fitness trainer is very careful to make sure I don't overstress my rotator cuffs, knowing that a torn rotator cuff could end all my ninja hopes and plans.

But that weed-whacking...
So, what have I learned?

Still learning, actually.

1. I cannot force the use of my arm and expet it to get better. No powering through, So, pull-ups are out for a while. I wonder if the strength I have built up (not very impressive yet, honestly speaking) will return. Well, I will the answer to that question in time -- and will share.
2. I should not "grin and bear it" because analgesics not only help with pain, they also help with inflammation, which is very important for healing.
3. I do NOT want surgery; that is the scariest part because it may really put me out of commission. So, I need to help the rotator cuff heal naturally.
4. I definitely need to do everything I can to prevent scar tissue from developing; that will make use of the arm harder.
5. I need to regain/retain range of motion bt reducing atrophy.

The steps I am going to follow are:

- reduce the inflammation
- increase the blood flow to the injured area (might need physical therapy to help with that)
- remember that healing is a process

So, yeah, THIS is going to take TIME.

My plan:

(1) Warm the shoulder.
(2) Do stretching exercises.
(3) Ice down the shoulder.

Oh, and take analgesics and say some prayers.

Now, the biggest challenge will be the conference I have to attend this week in Minneapolis.

Wish me luck, say a prayer, or stay tuned. It all helps!

For some fun (not) reading -- at least, it is information -- go ahead and click here: healing a rotator cuff.


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