Book Alert: One Family: Indivisible: A spiritual memoir

Pre-order available. Release date: October 1, 2019
Review copies became available yesterday. Contact for a complimentary copy in exchange for a review.

Throughout history we have divided ourselves into groupings of “us” and “them”.  One Family: Indivisible engagingly invites the reader into the deeply spiritual and lifelong journey of the author to find a way to acknowledge our differences without dividing and subdividing ourselves into competing tribes.  It is a journey of mountain tops and deep valleys, but it leads to the inclusivity and mutual respect possible with Interfaith.  This is a book for seekers of all races, ethnicities, and spiritual paths who search for that elusive goal of a community of love and inclusion that also respects our diversity.

About the Author. Steven Greenebaum directed church, synagogue, and UU choirs for many years before leaving to found the Living Interfaith Church, anchored by the faith of Interfaith. He has published numerous articles and two books, The Interfaith Alternative and Practical Interfaith, about his unshakeable belief that the world’s religions can find harmony and abiding love as they embrace their diversity. 


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