Book of the Week: Road Map to Power

Dormant for almost a year -- sadly so because this is one of the best books I have ever had the privilege to publish -- Road Map to Power, written by father-son team, Syed and Darius Husain, has gained a second wind this week, happily so because this book has the potential to change anyone's life for the better, way better, to bring real power into any life.

This is exactly what both have spend their careers doing. The father, Dr. Husain, has changed many children's lives for the better hthrough his pratcice of medicine on an international level. The son, Mr. Husain, has created a school where struggling learners thrive, saving children in another way.

And now their book offers the possibility to save the lives of many people in a very different way.

A favorite!  And a Readers' Favorite award winner.


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