A Family Game for Easter (guest post by J. Bennett Easterling)

Are you interested in moving beyond the traditional egg hunt and chocolate bunnies, finding ways to engage the children of your family in the Easter story?

We’ve discovered a delightful game that both adults and kids enjoy. It’s as simple as finding some colored plastic Easter eggs—the kind that open up--and stuffing them with questions or clues surrounding the trial, crucifixion, and resurrection story. Find an Easter basket, fill it with fake grass and place the eggs inside the basket.

 When everyone is seated for dinner, someone passes the basket around the table. Each person takes an egg, then take turns opening their egg and reading the scripture verse or showing the clue and telling what it has to do with Easter.\

You can be quite imaginative in stuffing the eggs, using small nails, bits of fabric, thorns, spices and other items as well as scripture verses. If the one opening the egg cannot explain how it relates to Easter, the other children are invited to answer—and finally the adults may help. Children enjoy the game—especially when an adult fails to answer a question and they get to help.

Warning: if you try it once, the kids are likely to insist that it become a family tradition!

- Bennett Easterling is author of Jesus Is Still Passing (study guide edition available) and Of God, Rattlensakes, and Okra


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