Author in the News: Booksigning at Vroman's (Steven Greenebaum)

On November 24, 2019, Vroman's Bookstore hosted a book signing by MSI Press author, Steven Greenebaum, for his new book, One Family Indivisible.

Here is how the bookstore announced the signing:

Throughout history we have divided ourselves into groupings of "us" and "them". One Family: Indivisible engagingly invites the reader into the deeply spiritual and lifelong journey of the author to find a way to acknowledge our differences without dividing and subdividing ourselves into competing tribes. It is a journey of mountain tops and deep valleys, but it leads to the inclusivity and mutual respect possible with Interfaith. This is a book for seekers of all races, ethnicities, and spiritual paths who search for that elusive goal of a community of love and inclusion that also respects our diversity.

For more information about Steven's book, including links to reviews, click HERE.


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