MSI Press's Hidden Recipe Books


You would be surprised where you might find some unique -- and tasty -- recipes. Some of more interesting books have some special recipes tucked inside them. See, for example...

Dia de Muertos. Ever wonder how to make some of those yummy Day of the Dead treats? Sula has the recipes for you!

Syrian Folktales. Muna has included more than a folktale from each region of Syria; she has also included recipes from each region of Syria. Maybe this is one of the reasons that this is one of our best-selling books.

Girl, You Got This!
-- you might be surprised -- contains healthy recipes for mothers-to-be who are paying involved in fitness activities.

HOWEVER, unlike Amazon's stubborn classification of The Optimistic Food Addict as a cookbook, it is anything but. Dr. Fisanick, the author, shares personal stories of coping with overeating and provides much self-help and guidance to readers. There is not one recipe there! (Seek instead, recipes in the books listed above.) But, should be interested in the overeating topic, click HERE for more information about this book.


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