It's Another Caturday--and Sula Is Ba-a-a-ck with More Pictures and Action

 Pictures and videos by Stacey Gentry.

If it is Saturday, it just might be Sula day. And if it is Christmas, it might be Sula Santa. Have fun getting to know Sula better below. (The videos, unlike the pictures, are not embedded in this post; they are linked. You have to click on them to see them.)


Sula, beloved cat of San Juan Bautista (CA) parish and author of 6 books (5 in English and 1 in Spanish, never lacks for photographers, videographcrs, and artists to portray her and her adventures. Their efforts can be found in a number of posts about Sula on this blog -- and definitely spread across the Internet.

This Saturday-Caturday, we are sharing a short video of Sula, taken by Stacy Gentry. She is trying to get into Mass on a day when Mass canceled. Covid has taken a toll on Sula's ministry, as well as on the life of all the parishioners as Mass has had moments of being changed, canceled, moved on lone, and the like. See poor Sula's frustration HERE.

Like seeing Sula in action? Check her out taking a sun bath HERE.

And her napping schedule at her godparents' house, who are taking care of her after cancer surgery, can be seen HERE.

When it comes to brunch, Sula can RUN. See her do it HERE.

Before covid, Sula spent her mornings at Mass, and the rest of the day, welcoming visitors to the Mission and the gift shop. Now she stands by the entrance, waiting for people to mask, get their temperatures taken, clean their hands, and come in one at a time, with minutes between them. Watch her waiting HERE.

For more pictures of Sula, check last Saturday's Caturday post!

Read more Sula posts HERE..

Follow Sula on FaceBook HERE to get all her doings, pictures, and videos.

Don't forget about Sula's Christmas book!


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