Author in the News: Arthur Yavelberg Interviewed by Tucsonlocalmedia


(photo Tucsonlocalmedia)

Arthur Yavelberg, author of A Theology for the Rest of Us, was recently interviewed in the Tucsonlocalmedia: "Religion Educator Pens A Theology for the Rest of Us."' 

Here is an excerpt:

There are questions that have answers, questions without answers, and questions that just lead to more questions. In his new book, “A Theology for the Rest of Us,” local writer Arthur Yavelberg tackles all these types of questions in the hopes of providing some religious illumination in these uncertain times. Now that’s not to say the book aims to convince anyone of anything, but by examining various religions’ insights on topics like free will, the identity of the creator, and why evil exists, Yavelberg provides a map for spiritual awareness. 

Yavelberg, who has worked as a teacher of history and comparative religion, as well as the head of Tucson Hebrew Academy, describes the book as “the sum total of his religious theological insight over a lifetime.” But for a book that gathers sources as diverse as the Bible, Buddhist teachings, Dostoevsky’s novels, the Koran and even The Terminator, it’s condensed down to a surprisingly easy-to-read 100 pages. 

Read the rest of the very informative article HERE.

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