The Miracle of Sula


There have been many posts on Sula, Parish Cat at Old Mission, by many people, including on Sula's own page, as well as articles written about her in Guideposts and All Creatures, but perhaps the most special thing about her (at least recently) was shared by her current vet oncologist. 

Sula has had an ongoing struggle with cancer, in and out of remission, for more than six years. At first, she had skin cancer on her ears. That was controlled by cutting out the cancered areas. Then, the skin cancer returned, and Sula's ears were removed. She wrote about it in Surviving Cancer, Healing People: One Cat's Story.

Then, Sula got another kind of cancer: injection site carcinoma. Her vet cut out a piece of her hip to help her survive it, and survive she did. But in a couple of years, the cancer came back. This time, the vet said the only way to save Sula's life would be to remove her leg. The priest said no. Let her live out her life however long with all her legs intact. 

That was a wise decision by the priest. One of the parishioners sought a second opinion for Sula from a cat oncologist. The oncologist was able to break up the sarcoma with sonar, without having to do any cutting at all. The oncologist said it was a real miracle that the treatment worked so fast and so well because it usually does not have that immediate an effect. Sula thinks it is a miracle that she found this oncologist. She is likely right. After all, God often uses people to make miracles happen.

During the pandemic, Sula stayed with her godparents, a parishioner couple that always comes to the rescue when Sula needs help, coming into the church only on those Sundays when it was open. But now, everything has opened up and Sula is ba-a-ack! See what she has to say about that in this VIDEO.


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