Update on Sula, Parish Cat at Old Mission and Her Struggles with Cancer


Drawing by Uliana

We recently learned that Sula, who is the parish cat at Old Mission (and listed as such on the Sunday Bulletins), is once again struggling with cancer. Sula, for those who follow her on Face Book and in person, has had quite a history of cancer.

She was diagnosed with skin cancer a number of years ago, and beat it -- for a couple of years -- thanks to the tips of her ears being clipped. Then, it came back, and her ears had to be removed. Sula wrote a book her experience with cancer at that time. 

For a few years, Sula continued cancer-free. Then, bang!, her vet found sarcoma in her hip. It was caused by a vaccination she had received earlier. He removed the sarcoma surgically. And Sula was fine for a while, but it came back, bigger and more scary. Sula was referred to Animal Cancer Center in Monterey, where Dr. Arteaga came up with a new treatment, using sonar to break up the tumor. And that worked -- for nearly a year. Then, bang!, the sarcoma reappeared, and Sula is again visiting the Animal Cancer Center regularly.

She is doing fine, but, of course, all her friends want her cancer to stay in remission.

Everyone is pulling for Sula!! Please put her on your prayer agenda!

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