A Publishers Conversation with Authors: Another Method for Becoming an MSI Press Affiliated Author for Selling Your Book


I am going to deviate a bit from the normal format for the publisher's conversation because what I have to say is short and simple -- and there is a longer, typical post HERE that describes the affiliate program.

This is simply an addendum, providing another option for authors unknown to MSI Press to become affiliates and have their books listed in the MSI Press webstore catalogue with links to the author's own sales source (Amazon, author website, etc.)

If your book has received at least 25 5-star reviews, we will consider your book, any genre, for including. The reviews may be cumulative: 10 on Amazon, 10 on Barnes & Noble, 7 on Goodreads, 1 on Readers' Favorite, 1 on Kirkus, etc., as long as they total 25 or more.) To be considered, send a link to the reviews to editor@msipress.com, as well as to a description of your book on Amazon with the LookInside feature. (If there is no look inside feature, we may need to receive an actual copy of the book.)

The cost is $25 set up fee; $10 per year for placement in the webstore. If we prepare a downloadable catalogue, which would also be distributed by e-blast, or print catalogue, as we have in the past, there would be an option for inclusion at a modest fee. Right now, we have not opted for a print catalogue during the covid years because the industry performance has shown that not to be cost effective for us. However, that could change.

Read more posts about publishing HERE.

The Tuesday talks reflect real discussions between the management of MSI Press LLC and our own authors or those would-be authors who come through our doors but don't make the cut--yet. If you have a topic you would like to see addressed, leave the question in the comment section. Chances are, in our 17 years of publishing first-time and experiences authors, we have had a conversation with one of our authors that we can share with you.



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