Cancer Diary: Help in Understanding the Terms Used by Oncologists


Not just doctor talk, but also medical reports, online information, and even billing can be filled with seemingly unfathomable terms. Sometimes Greek and Latin help, but not everyone knows those languages. And sometimes even Greek and Latin do not help.

Through its ever-expanding dictionaryCarl's Cancer Compendium seeks to help patients and their relatives and friends understand more precisely what doctors and documents are revealing to them. The dictionary adds new terms weekly, sometimes daily, and accepts requests for new terms (send to

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Blog editor's note: As a memorial to Carl, and simply because it is truly needed, MSI  is now hosting a web page, Carl's Cancer Compendium, as a one-stop starting point for all things cancer, to make it easier for those with cancer to find answers to questions that can otherwise take hours to track down on the Internet and/or from professionals. The web page is in its infancy but expected to expand into robustness. As part of this effort, each week, on Monday, this blog will carry an informative, cancer-related story -- and be open to guest posts: Cancer Diary. 


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