Author in the News: Arthur Yavelberg Interviewed on the Patricia Raskin Podcast


No one could give a better introduction and summary of this podcast than Arthur himself, author of A Theology for the Rest of Us:

For those of you who missed it--which is one way of saying "for those of you who have a life"--this is a recording of my radio interview with Patricia Raskin on VoiceAmerica. As I understand it, she found what I had to say believe "compelling" was the word she used. (Norm Crosby, where are you?) Also, if you listen closely, you can hear Frodo criticizing my analysis of Arjuna's existentialist dilemma in the Bhagavad Gita. That alone is worth the price admission...errr...which, at "free," is very reasonable...

Here is the official description of the podcast episode:

In his new book, Yavelberg tackles all types of questions in the hopes of providing some religious illumination in these uncertain times. By examining various religious' insights on topics like free will, the identity of the creator, and why evil exists, Yavelberg provides a map for spiritual awareness. A Theology For The Rest Of Us is a straightforward approach to fundamental questions that are the basis of religion, spirituality and philosophy. This book draws on traditions of the East as well as the West-Taoism, Buddhism and Hinduism in addition to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam- to see what can make sense in today's world. Whether exploring the implications of 17th century Enlightenment philosophers, quantum physics, or the insights of writers such as Dostoyevsky and Alan Watts, the reader is offered a rational, coherent approach that can provide understanding and a basis for hope in a world where the spirit has been all but decimated by doubt and worse.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

Read other posts about Arthur and his book HERE.


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