Who Writes the MSI Press Blog?


The question arises form time to time from readers who come to this blog for the first time -- who is writing this blog? I suppose that is as one might expect because often I use the pronoun, "I," so it makes sense for a reader to want to know who "I" am.

But first, the purpose of the blog -- to provide readers with information about our great authors and their wonderful books, most of which have won awards, and, according to reviews, have changed people's lives; we try to include some excerpts, over time, from all our books. Beyond that, the blog focuses on topics that can be useful to authors (ours and those who are not ours) and would-be authors. Finally, upon occasion one or another author offers an interesting, inspiring, or helpful post that they have published on their own website or that they offer specifically for this blog; in this way, you can get to know our authors a little more personally. 

As for me, the "I" of the blog posts, I have been the managing editor of MSI Press LLC, as well as the acquisitions editor, for 18 years. In that time, I have come to know our authors, especially those who came to us a decade or more ago and have written published several books with us, increasingly well. Much information can be found about me on the web; just google me, as the expression goes. I have a rather unique name and have published a good deal with academic publishers, so my name is out there. My mini-bio is also available on the MSI Press website HERE

I do enjoy writing these blog posts, and I welcome comments from readers. I even answer!


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