When Children's Books Become More Than Just Stories


Recently, I wrote an Amazon review of My Yellow Balloon, a very touchingly written and extremely insightful book for children who have experienced loss, written by Tiffany Papageorge, illustrated by Erwin Madrid, and published by Minoan Moon. It is an impressive book on all levels; the writing, the illustrations, and the quality of publication. Something that belongs in the room and hands of every child who has ever lost anyone or anything of importance to him/her.

Noah's New Puppy, a book by Richard Rice and Geri Henderson, illustrated by Vincent Rice, that we published a couple of years ago, fulfills a similar purpose but for a different need. Tenderly written, including with guidance for parents on its use, and gorgeously illustrated, this book focuses on PTSD and indeed belongs in the hands of all children whose parents experience PTSD as well as with those who work with them.

(Note: MSI Press, editor@msipress.com, will provide a complimentary copy to reviewers and special discounts to organizations that work with children and families on PTSD issues.)


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