Fantastic Book Review for Weekly Soul (Craigie) by Family Medicine Magazine


Holly Salzman, MD, writes of Weekly Soul by Dr. Frederic Craigie:

During this turbulent time of global pandemic, racial injustice, political unrest, economic crisis, and financial uncertainty, many of us have seen our lives and our practices changed in unforeseen and unprecedented ways. We are left questioning our purpose and our path. Weekly Soul: Fifty-two Meditations on Meaningful, Joyful, and Peaceful Living, beautifully written by Frederic C. Craigie, Jr, PhD, seeks to take us on a personal journey to figure out who we are and the meaning of our lives in the context of this new reality. 

. . . 

This book of reflections will be an asset to all who seek to rediscover meaning, wholeness, and well-being in these stressful times, and can help both trainees and practicing clinicians move beyond burnout to resilience.

Read the full review HERE.

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