Guest Post from FAAB Blog: MSI Press Author, Franki Bagdade, Writes about Writing Woes

In one of her latest posts, Franki Bagdade writes about writing homework:

Holy Cr-- my kid has writing homework! Can someone please cue the Jaws theme song?

When schools went virtual for the first time (I can't believe that I have to distinguish that), any time my son had to write anything it came with a side of tears. This is Mr. 9, Mr. Happy Go Lucky, Mr. Chill 3rd Child! When he has a meltdown, I find my mind goes completely blank. Even though I teach, speak and write about meltdowns for a living, I have no clue what to do! This is because this kid is so zen that he barely has them. Therefore, I don't have a tool box in my memory full of strategies that work the way I do with the other two. Instead, I start to sweat and swear in my head (at least I think it's always in my head...). Somewhere in the third week of the pandemic I decided to approach this the way I would if it happened in the classroom or if a parent in therapy asked me for advice for their child. As I created a new plan for him, I was reminded of how complex the skill of writing can be. There are mountains of skills needed to be able to write a sentence, let alone a paragraph or a whole story.

How does Franki handle this? Check it out HERE.

For more posts about Franki and her book, click HERE.


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