Announcing Pre-Order Sale for Spunky Grandmas


Spunky Grandmas and Other Amusing Characters, written by Ken Mogren and illustrated by Joella Goyette, is now available for pre-order at the 50% discounted sale price of $10. 

Pre-order sale is available only at the MSI Press webstore.

Sale will continue through release date of the book: April 30, 2022.

Spunky Grandmas and Other Amusing Characters is a collection of over 100 entertaining, fictional mini stories about comical human behavior. Written in sonnet form, each of 22 chapters starts with a cartoonish illustration by Joella Goyette that introduces the theme of the stories that follow. Humorist, Ken Mogren, features grandmothers who are anything but stereotypical, as well as other folks whose behavior is best described as unconventional.


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