Sula, Parish Cat, Needs Prayers


Sula, Parish Cat at Old Mission San Juan Bautista, cancer survivor x5, and prolific author of spiritual books, retired from her duties as full-time Mission cat when covid struck and moved in with her godparents. Since the Mission has reopened, they bring Sula in on Sundays. Some days she walks around the grounds and attends Mass like in the old days. Mostly, though, she "holds court" at the Mission gift shop and welcomes visitors. Last Sunday, one of her visitors brought her a belated Easter present. Everyone loves Sula!

Unfortunately, Sula is struggling a bit now, as is probably evident in the picture. As she reaches the special age of 15, she is experiencing arthritis. Most unfortunately, however, the tumors on her leg have returned, and she has trouble walking. Her oncologist says that she is "very worried" about Sula.

So, we are asking for prayers for the little cat that has been the answer to prayers for many people.

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