Cancer Diary: Fundraising Needs


Cancer needs money -- for research, for support of patients, for training, for informational materials. There are many ways to give to cancer funds.

Here are some:

Team Beans: child brain cancer; click HERE for information about the CNN reporter's family story behind the fund

The Jimmy Fund (connected to Team Beans): click HERE for information about Run for Dana-Farber

Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) Foundation -- an important one for me personally

St. Jude, the children's hospital founded by Danny Thomas that provides free care to children can always use funds

American Cancer Society, of course

There are MANY more funds and foundations in need of donations. Just do a search for the kind of cancer or the kind of support you wish to make and the word, donate. You will find many opportunities. And know what? Even $1 helps because 1000 people giving $1 is already $1K. If you are a loved one are struggling with cancer, you may not have much to give, but consider $1. And if a loved one has died from cancer, consider some form of one-time or continuing memorial donation.

Blog editor's note: As a memorial to Carl, and simply because it is truly needed, MSI Press is now hosting a web page, Carl's Cancer Compendium, as a one-stop starting point for all things cancer, to make it easier for those with cancer to find answers to questions that can otherwise take hours to track down on the Internet and/or from professionals. The web page is in its infancy but expected to expand into robustness. To that end, it is expanded and updated weekly. As part of this effort, each week, on Monday, this blog will carry an informative, cancer-related story -- and be open to guest posts: Cancer Diary. 

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