Excerpt from The Rose and the Sword: How to Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies (Back & Hucknall): Final Chapter, Authors' Commentary


There is no ending to this story or to this book.  We could have wrapped it up like a nice neat package, but that would be totally unreal.  The underlying message of this book is that the integration of the positive masculine and feminine must begin first in each of us as individuals and then spread outward into our relationships and social structures, such as our organizations and communities and ultimately into our national and international relations.  If we look at the chaos that exists in our present world, we can only see the rising tide of conflict in the Middle East and in other corners of the planet where the social systems are still in the Dark Ages in terms of balance of the masculine and feminine.  In this country, we surely have a long way to go, but, at least, over the last century, we have seen movement.  If we look around the world, there are pockets of integration slowly emerging.     
Clearly, the evolution of humanity into a futuristic world at peace has a very long way to go.  In this story, Sophia and Will are attempting to bring that balance into their community through their model of citizen governance.  If you study the diagrams in the chapter you can sense the interweaving of masculine and feminine processes within it.  Sophia suggests that their town’s new governance model could well germinate and spread to other towns.  If this happens, it could become the foundation of a new type of local governance that would integrate the positive masculine and feminine qualities on a societal level.
Try to imagine what the world could become once such balance is achieved.  For a family, the message to girls would be a future of freedom and respect in those countries where women are veiled, physically and psychically.  And to boys, the message would be one of equality and respect for the feminine spirit within themselves.
We all have a choice:  To pursue the path of Sophia and Will of a balanced inner life between our positive feminine and masculine sides or be taken over by the negative, life-sucking negativity of Ruel and Lillith.  We, the authors, hope that this book has opened the door for those of you who wish to embark on this journey of inspiration and outer expression. 

Note: Every chapter in The Rose and the Sword has a story, a commentary, and exercises.

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Nanette Hucknall has written another MSI book, How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, and Discover Inner Wisdom, that has won numerous awards.


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