Savvy Author Academy: Authoring 101 Accepting Enrollments Now for September

Ever wish you could have someone guide you personally through the jungle of moving from idea to manuscript to published book? Now you can!

Starting September 2, MSI Press is offering a 10-week highly personalized interactive online course, Authoring 101.

Only 10 spots available. Sign up now to ensure yourself a spot.Click HERE to enroll.


Week 1. Shaping a though, idea, or experience into a viable book concept
Discusson hour: evalaution of ideas (existence of niche, narrow enough focus)

Week 2. Everything is story – what is your story/message
Discussion hour; sharing stories

Week 3. Starting your book –  outline, “research,” and theme
Discussion hour: “research” is needed (even for memoirs), is your outline manageable, is your them classic enough to sell & does it reflect your “message”

Week 4: Table of Contents – organizing your research or experience into “story”
Discussion hour: sharing of TOCs, do they reflect the theme, message, and reasonable progressing/organization of your story

Week 5.Sample chapters – how to choose them, what to put into them
Discussion: sharing of sample chapter content outlines

Week 6. Writing tips – what makes writing publishable
Discussion hour: evaluation of writing activites assigned in lesson (focused on preparing to write sample chapters, including writeing “rules” and expectations of readers and publishers

Week 7. Writing a sample chapter – the tools that make a story come alive (charctaer, plot, dialogue)
Discussion hour: sharing and evalutating sample chapters

Week 8. FInding the right publisher or literary agent – which way to go, depending upon the status of your “plstform” and whom you wish to reach
Discussion hour: personal publisher/agent choices and feedback

Week 9. Prepare a formal book proposal
Discussion hour:Share proposals

Week 10. From book acceptance to book in hand – understanding the process for your own good and maximum book opportunity
Discussion hour: Q&A about the processes involved


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