Books on Parenting --"Normal" Children and Special Children, Normal Circumstances and Special Circumstances

Parenting has its joys; it can also be demanding when all does not go as planned or hoped, as in this picture of parents with their son and two emergency room specialists, raising up (literally) their physically challenged daughter.

MSI Press offers several unique books on parenting--for the everyday difficulties and the unique challenges. Take a look!

365 Teacher Secrets for Parents by Cindy McKinley and Patti Trombly
See posts by and about Cindy and Patti, including book excerpts, HERE.

Courageous Parents by Dr. Haim Omer
Read posts by and about Dr. Omer, including book excerpts, HERE.

How to Be a Good Mommy When You're Sick by Dr. Emily Graves
Read posts by and about Dr. Graves, including book excerpts, HERE.
Lessons of Labor by Julia Aziz
See posts by and about Jula Aziz, including book excerpts, HERE.


Life after Losing a Child by Pat Young and Joanna Romer
See posts by and about Pat and Joanna.

Noah's New Puppy by Richard Rice with Dr. Geri Henderson
See posts by and about Richard and Geri, including excerpts from Noah's New Puppy.

One Simple Text , , , by Betty Shaw and David Brown
Read more posts by and about Betty and David, including excerpts from the book.

Soccer Is Fun without Parents by Dr. Peter Jonas
Read more posts by and about Peter, including excerpts from the book, HERE.

Understanding the Challenge of "No" for Children with Autism by Colette McNeil
Read more posts by and about Colette, including excerpts from the book, HERE.


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