Author in the News: MSI Press Editor Publishes Seminal Work with Cambridge University Press


Betty Lou Leaver, managing editor of the MSI Press LLC, has joined with two colleagues, to edit a groundbreaking book on transformative education. The back of the book says it all:

Transformative learning has been widely used in the field of adult education for over 20 years, yet until recently has received little attention in the field of world languages. Drawing on test practices and research of distinguished international world language experts, this volume provides theoretical and classroom -tested models of transformative education in world languages in major university, state, and government programs. Chapters outline theoretical frameworks and detail successful models from cutting-edge programs in a wide range of languages, with plenty of examples included to make the theory accessible to readers not yet familiar with the concepts. Classroom teachers, program administrators, and faculty developers will find support for their courses. With its innovative approach to the teaching and learning of languages, this volume is a seminal text in transformative language learning that will stimulate discussions and innovation in the language field for years to come.

Endorsement by Dr. Catherine Baumann, The University of Chicago: This volume will prove itself as the leading book on transformative language learning and teaching. It is comprehensive, examines an extensive array of contexts and issues, and its authors write with authority and precision. Methods instructors, directors of language programs, graduate program pedagogues, language center directors--all will find this book a valuable resource for all aspects of this new perspective on language learning and teaching. 

Dr. Elvira Swender, Director Emerita, American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages' Professional Programs: Kudos to authors and editors! This is an ambitious, inspiring, and superbly organized volume that will undoubtedly become a standard for pre-service language professionals. Each chapter provides a concise history of where the profession has been and how the principles of transformative language learning and teaching can provide a road map to ensuring competent, reflective, and committed language users.

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