Excerpt from Surviving Cancer, Healing People: One Cat's Story (Sula): Preface - Letter from Deacon Van


(Sula and Deacon Van)

Sula is sick again; her tumor has come back. In honor of her heroic struggles and in honor of Caturday, we are posting an exceprt from one of her many books, the one about cancer. Here we have the preface, written by Deacon Van. 

Letter to Sula from Deacon Van

Dear Sula,

I love your book. It rings so true—your stories, your humility, most of all your love of God and of the people of God here at Old Mission San Juan Bautista. The people who love you (there are hundreds, I’m sure) will cherish this book and love you all the more for your plainspoken faith and your mission of service at the Mission.

Tell your amanuensis that she did a wonderful job of capturing your voice and incorporating the moving stories of Loryn and Cody. Thanks to her efforts, the book is not only an excellent fund-raising vehicle, it’s an inspirational call to Catholic faith and worship. She served you well, just as you have served all of us so well.


Deacon Van

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(drawing by Stacy Gentry)


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