What's Available for Language Learners in Search of the Golden Grail of Near-Native Proficiency

Reaching near-native proficiency in a foreign language is considered the grail by some and impossible by others in the foreign language education field. The bottom line is that regularly, though rarely compared with the total number of individuals studying a foreign language, language learners do reach that level. Consider presidential-level interpreters (from any country), United Nations interpreters and translators, and graduate professors (especially those known as professors of the practice) -- without near-native proficiency, these individuals could not adequately do their jobs on a regular basis.

Very few books have been published on the topic of achieving near native proficiency, labeled distinguished language proficiency by the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages. The majority of them have been published by MSI Press LLC. 

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The Journal for Distinguished Language Studies, shown here, accepts submissions on a rolling basis and comes out annually. See more copies HERE.

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