Guest Post from Franki Bagdade: "Top 10 Reasons I Appreciate My ADHD Brain"

Glass half empty or is it really half full? Usually, ADHD is considered a problem. Franki suggests that it has some value in and of itself, such as:

1. Multi-tasking! Have you ever tried to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time? Or maybe it’s the other way around… Well, I can’t do that! I can, however, watch tv/listen and write this blog, sing a song, and pet my dog! **It’s a myth that those with ADHD can’t focus. In reality, most of us struggle with focusing on one thing at a time or on something that isn’t so interesting. For me that’s the laundry. It’s always the laundry.

Read the rest of the blog post HERE to find out the other 9 benefits of ADHD. It was well worth the time.

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  • Note: Franki's book has received 59 reviews on Amazon; all of them are 5 stars.

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